Publicity of AGM No.31 on the company's website

Sor.Kor. 0174/2551 March 31,2009 Subject : Publicity of Shareholder's Annual General Meeting No.31 on the company's website To : Managing and Director The Stock Exchange of Thailand The Meeting of Company's Board of Directors No. 3/2009 has resolved to call on the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No.31 to be held on Thursday, April 23, 2009 at the meeting room,2nd floor,Sikarin Hospital which located at 4/29 moo 10 Srinakarin Road, Bangna District ,Bangkok. The company would like to inform that the company has published the notice on arrangement of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No.31 in both Thai and English versions through the company's website ( ) until March 31,2009 onward for the benefit of shareholders to have easy access to the company information. Thus, the Company shall deliver the mentioned letter along with its attachments to the shareholders within April 8, 2009 as names listed in the shareholder registration book as of March 23, 2009. (Record Date) Please notify the shareholders and investors as deemed necessary. Yours Faithfully, (Mr.Sompol Wongurai) Director