Inform Y2008 Performance

Sor kor.086/2552 February 16, 2009 Subject Inform Y2008 Performance To Director and Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand Sikarin Public Co.,Ltd. hereby would like to inform operating results for ended December 31,2008 which net profit of 99.93 million baht increased by 26.27 million baht or 35.67% from Y2007.Details of the increased as shown as followings: 1. Revenue and Expenses For the year ended 2008, the company has total revenues of 1,199.59 million baht increased by 130.61 million baht or 12.22% from Y2007 due to, - Net Medical Service Revenues was 1,160.72 million baht increased by 126.11 million baht or 12.18% from Y2007 which has outpatient and inpatient ratio 36.74 to 63.26. This mainly result of the continuous growth in contract and insurance company account which our team continuously served quality medical services from Y2007 under project "Super Premium Corporate". - Ended 2007, Total Expenses was 1,046.44 million baht increased by 108.67 million baht or 11.59% from Y2007 due to cost of service and other operating expenses such as doctor fee, nursing salary, medicine, medical supplies and F&B expenses were inline with the increase in revenues. 2. Balance Sheet According to renovate building & surrounding, expansion clinics and well-equiped new medical equipments result in as Ended December 31,2008 the company total asset was 1,200.37 million baht increased from 1,152.31 million baht in Y2007 to 48.06 million baht. Total liabilities was 401.85 million baht and Shareholder's equity was 798.53 million baht. According to resolution of the extra-ordinary shareholder's meeting No.1/2008 held on October 9,2008, approved to reduce the registered share and paid-up capital, by decreasing the par value of the shares from Baht 10 to Baht 6.50 per share. The reduction of the registered and paid-up capital has compensated the rest of deficit as at December 31, 2007 from 714.82 million baht to 100.27 million baht. As ended December 31,2008 debt to equity was 0.50 times decreased by 0.65 times as at 31 December 2007. Therefore, due to the above factors the company's in ended December 31,2008 operating results increased by more than 20% compared to December 31,2007. Please notify the shareholders and investors as deemed necessary. Respectfully Yours, ( Mr.Sompol Wongurai ) Director