Report on the results of Final Exercise SKR-W1(Aug2008)

Sor. Kor. 0464/2551 August 29,2008 Subject : Report on the results of Final Exercise SKR-W1(August 2008) To : Director and Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand According to Sikarin Public Co.,Ltd. has issued warrants no.1 SKR-W1),39,968,108 units as list on December 19,2003 to shareholders which exercise date shall be the last business day of November, February, May , August and the last exercise date shall be on the last business day of August 2008 which after such period the warrants will immediately cease to be valid and may not be reused. The Company, herewith, reports the Final exercise of the warrants with the following details: - Final Exercise ratio :1 warrant has a right to subscribe 1 ordinary shares. - Final Exercise price : Baht - 13.50 per share. - Total number of ordinary shares available for exercise :39,968,108.00shares. - No. of warrantholders final exercise : none. - No. of warrants being final exercised : none. - Ordinary shares resulted from the final exercise : none. - Amount of money received from the final exercise : none. - Total remaining warrants listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand : 39,968,108.00 units. Please be informed accordingly, Yours sincerely, Mr.Sompol Wongurai, Executive Director, Sikarin Public Company Limited