Inform First Quarter 2008 Performance

Sor kor.270/2551 May 15, 2008 Subject Inform First Quarter 2008 Performance To Director and Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand Sikarin Public Co.,Ltd. would like to inform about the first quarter 2008 performance compare with the first quarter 2007. Detail shown as follows : 1. Operating results for Q1/2008 ,company made a net profit of 22.05 million bath increased by 6.72 million baht or 43.82% compared to the same period 2007. 2. Total revenue for Q1/2008 is 288.08 million baht increased by 33.91 million baht or 13.34% from Q1/ 2007. This mainly result of the continuous growth in general customer and insurance company account which our team continuously served quality medical services, where Net Medical Revenue increased by 12.96% 3. Total expenses for Q1/2008 is 251.77 million baht increased by 26.54 million baht or 11.79% from Q1/2007. Due to increase in numbers of patient , the medical cost such as medical professional fee,medical supplies and personnel expenses increased in 18.14 million baht. The others administative expenses is increased by 8.30 million from Q1/2007 for personnel expenses,marketing expenses and allowance debt 4. As Ended March 31,2008 Total asset was 1,156.34 million baht increased by 4.03 million baht from ended December,2007. Due to increasing in net account receivable 3.33 million baht. 5. Total liabilities for Q1/2008 was 435.59 million baht. Shareholder's equity was 720.74 million baht. Debt to equity remained constant at 0.60 times as at 31 March 2008. Therefore ,due to the above factors the company's in First Quarter ended March 31, 2008 operating results increased by more than 20% compared to Q1/2007 Please notify the shareholders and investors as deemed necessary. Respectfully Yours, ( Mr. Sompol Wongurai ) Director