Inform Q2/2008 Performance

Sor kor.440/2551 August 15, 2008 Subject Inform Q2/2008 Performance To Director and Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand Sikarin Public Co.,Ltd. would like to inform about Q2/2008 performance compare with Q2/2007. Detail shown as follows : 1. Operating results for Q2/2008 ,company made a net profit of 17.04 million bath increased by 7.96 million baht or 87.68% compared to the same period 2007. 2. Total revenue for Q2/2008 is 281.86 million baht increased by 36.17 million baht or 14.72% from Q1/2007. This mainly result of the continuous growth in contract and insurance company account which our team continuously served quality medical services, which ratio 26.26% of Net Medical Revenue. 3. Total expenses for Q2/2008 is 256.61 million baht increased by 30.58 million baht or 13.53% from Q1/2007. Due to increase in numbers of patient and cost-effect by supplier,the mainly medical cost such as medicine,medical supplies and F&B expenses increased in 20.92 million baht. The others administative expenses is increased by 7.36 million and allowance debt is increased by 2.30 million from Q1/2007. 4. As Ended June 30,2008 Total asset was 1,152.06 million baht. Total liabilities was 414.37 million baht and Shareholder's equity was 737.69 million baht with D/E ratio at 0.56 times. Therefore ,due to the above factors the company's in Q2/2008 ended June 30, 2008 operating results increased by more than 20% compare to Q2/2007. Please notify the shareholders and investors as deemed necessary. Respectfully Yours, ( Mr.Sompol Wongurai ) Director