SKR Ranked in ESG100 for the Third Consecutive Year

Sikarin Public Company Limited was selected as one of the ESG100 securities companies with outstanding in Environmental, Social, and Governance performance from Service/Medical Group for the year 2023 for the third consecutive year.

Mr. Seni Chittakasem, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sikarin Public Company Limited or SKR which operate a large private hospital. Recently, the Company was selected as one of the ESG100 companies in the service/medical group for the year 2023 for the third consecutive year since 2021 with a total of 888 listed securities from Thaipat Institute. Reinforce the existence of a good corporate governance system. There is an effective risk management system along with social and environmental responsibility.

“The selection of Sikarin Hospital Group to be included in the 2023 ESG100 list evaluated by the Thai Pat Institute this time due to the Company’s outstanding performance and emphasis on the principles of sustainability. Sikarin’s business must created positive changes for society by prioritizing core economic growth, having a good corporate governance system, and effective risk management along with operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner” Mr. Seni Said.

Dr. Atirat Charoonsri, Managing Director of Sikarin Public Company Limited said that the Company's selection to be included in the ESG100 list for the year 2023 reflects its operation under four policies and frameworks, namely Specialist, Service, Sincere, and Society, which aims to carry out sustainability development covering all dimensions with good, fair and transparent governance, as well as supporting a good quality of life for society as well as contributing to environmental protection. The Thaipat Institute's ranking will consider data from Environmental, Social, and Governance performance (ESG) and the Company's performance at the same time.

However, Thaipat Institute, an initiator in the development of business sustainability data, disclosed a list of 100 listed securities with outstanding ESG performance, also known as the ESG100 securities group, for the first time in 2015.

The ranking of listed companies in terms of business sustainability development is considered a source of sustainability information for listed companies to support the needs of investors who value investing in socially and environmentally responsible companies and is an alternative for investors who want to invest in listed securities with quality and returns that are not inferior to conventional investments.

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