Sikarin recognizes shareholder' rights and provides conveniences to every shareholder, major or minor. They all receive fundamental rights as investor in securities and Sikarin owners through recognized procedures and standards, including but not limited to, right to sell, buy or transfer securities they hold, rights to Sikarin's profit sharing, right to attending the Annual General meeting (AGM), rights to Sikarin's news and information, complete, sufficient, on time through easily-accessible channels, rights to express views and opinion to decision making on Sikarin's significant issues, for instance, election of directors, amendments to the Memorandum of Association, Ariticle of Association, etc.

In 2018, Sikarin held an AGM in April. Sikarin did everything possible to support and facilitate shareholders to exercise their rights before, during, and after the AGM as follows:

  1. Sikarin allowed shareholders to propose issues relatively significant to be included in the AGM agendas or propose someone knowledgeable, capable and qualified as candidates for directorship before the AGM. Shareholder can refer to the principles and procedures in the Sikarin's website ( between 19 December 2017 to 31 January 2018. For the year 2018, No shareholders has proposed agenda or nominate director candidates for the Board of Directors.
  2. Every shareholder received information and AGM agendas before the AGM along with the Board's opinions on each agenda as well as related documents for shareholders to have sufficient information to make decision and exercise their rights. Shareholders were notified in advance of documents they had to bring to the AGM in order to maintain their right to attend the AGM and cast their votes. The notification was given at least 30 days before the AGM through Sikarin's website and the information also be announced in the newspaper for 3 consecutive days and at least 3 days prior to the AGM.
  3. In case that shareholder was unable to attend the AGM in person, he/she could assign a proxy to an independent director or anyone else to attend the AGM and cast votes on his/her behalf using a proxy form sent to shareholders along with the notification for the AGM. Sikarin had designed a proxy in which shareholders could direct their votes to their wished in accordance with the forms, specified by the Ministry of Commerce 3 types: type A, type B and type C, and shareholders could also download proxy forms from Sikarin's website.
  4. In 2018, Sikarin held the 2018 AGM on Monday, 23 April 2018 at the meeting room. 8th floor, Building 3, Sikarin as the room can accommodate a large number shareholders and facilitate them in attending the AGM, asking questions or expressing their opinions in the same auditorium. In addition, an exhibition about Sikarin's business activities was held for shareholders to see. On that date, 43 shareholders attended the AGM in person and 140 proxies totaling 183, constituting 96,841,706 shares out of 151,009,415 shares or 64.1296 percent, more than one third of the shares with voting rights, thus forming quorum for the AGM according to Sikarin's Articles of Association.
  5. For the convenience of shareholders, who are attending the meeting, Sikarin has provided the map of the venue of the meeting, as well as the meeting invitation, a separate arrangement is made for the parking space, as well as transportation for the attendees between 2 convenient communication points and also provides breakfast for the attendees.
  6. On the AGM date, Sikarin facilitated registration through a bar-code system or e-Register by the Thailand Securities Depository, Stock Exchange of Thailand, which identified registration number of each shareholder, printed on the registration form and proxy to ensure that registration and vote counting on each agenda may work efficiently and fast. An e-Voting program from Thailand Securities Depository was used to ensure correctness; speed and vote-counting results might be announced soon after each agenda. To ensure transparency, the Chairman set up a vote-counting committee (Independent person) from volunteers in the AGM.
  7. Before the start of the AGM, the Chairman introduced the Broad of Directors, the management and auditors to shareholders and informed the assembly about the AGM procedures according to the law and Sikarin's Articles of Association, for instance, opening the AGM, voting, vote counting at each agenda, etc. During the AGM, shareholder were allowed to offer their opinions, suggestions or ask questions before casting votes on each agenda to make sure that the shareholders had received sufficient information. In case, shareholder had questions, Sikarin had related personnel standby to answer questions under the Board's supervision.
  8. During the AGM, the meeting proceeded with the agendas set forth clearly in advance. There was no agenda added without prior notice so that shareholders have time to study information before making decision. No significant information was abruptly changed during the meeting.
  9. Sikarin allowed shareholders to vote and elect each director replacing those whose term had expired. Sikrain proposed each candidate for shareholders to vote one after another. Director whose term had expired were not present in the AGM to allow shareholders to express their opinion freely.
  10. After the AGM, Sikarin disclosed resolution reached in the AGM and number of vote cast in the Sikarin's website one day after the AGM date, prepared minutes of the AGM and handed them to SET within 14 days after the AGM and published the minutes of the AGM in the Sikarin's website so that shareholders might see the complete resolutions in the a timely manner.
  11. Sikarin has recorded the total number of the Board of Directors of the Company in total of 15 persons. The Directors who attended the shareholders' meeting on 23 April 2018 totaled 15 persons. Attending the meeting is equal to 100 % of all Directors.
  12. Sikarin has recorded pictures of the meeting in a video format and ready to provide services to interested shareholders by contact at the Corporate Secretary Office to make a CD, send to shareholders who have requested.