Form for Reporting Share Repurchases

Form TS-3.2 Form for Reporting Share Repurchases In the case where repurchasing the company's own shares is For financial management purposes. Sikarin Public Company Limited Date November 6, 2009. 1. Procedure for repurchasing shares /on the Stock Exchange of Thailand The due date of the share repurchase project March 28, 2010. (This process of share repurchase must be completed within 6 months) General offer 2. Share repurchasing for financial management purposes 2.1 Date of the resolution of the board of director to undertake share repurchases September 10, 2009. 2.2 The results of share repurchase Total Number of shares repurchased 6,000,000 shares or equal to 6 % of paid-up capital. Repurchased Number of share Repurchase or Lowest price Total Date repurchased Highest price (Bath/share) (Baht) (Baht/share) 6 November 2009 30,000 9.85 9.85 295,500.00 2.3 Cumulative number of shares repurchased Cumulative number of shares repurchased to date (including item 2.2) 1,220,700 share or equal to 1.22 % of paid-up capital which is 12,008,330 baht in total. The company certifies that the information contained in this report and attached documents are true and complete in all respects. Sign Director (Pol.Lt.Gen Jarax Sangtaweep) Position Director Note : - In case of repurchasing shares on the SET, the company must submit this report to the SET not later than 9.00 a.m. on the business day following the day which each the purchase of share is made. - In case of repurchasing by general offer, the company must report to the SET not later than 5 business day from the final day of general offer. - Listed company must report this form via facsimile and the Exchange's ELCID.