Inform the interim dividend&set date ofExtraordinary Meeting

Sor. Kor. 740/2008 December 19, 2008 Subject : Inform the interim dividend and set date of the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholder To : Managing and director, The Stock Exchange of Thailand References : The letter of Sikarin Company Public Company Limited Sor. Kor. 737/2008 on December 18, 2008 Concerning to a letter of Sikarin Public Company Limited, as to inform The Board of Director Meeting no. 12/2008, about the set date of the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholder on January 22, 2009 as the information below, it is in the third period which explain more about an interim dividend. 1. Reference to the 1/2008 Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholder on October 9, 2008 approved the reduction of the registered share capital by decreasing the par value of such share from Baht 10 to Baht 6.50 a piece. The company could recon sign to amount excessive reduction and premium on share capital with the totally accumulated lost as of December 31, 2007. 2. The company has retained earning from the first to third quarter is 68.17 million baht. (reviewed) 3. The company retained earning after improved the premium on share capital and reduction to recover the deficit earning on September 30, 2008 amount 68.17 million Baht. (unaudited) 4. From the 1-3 above, are the main reason for the board to consider and set the dividend ratio per share and inform to shareholder to considering. Please notify the shareholders and investors as deemed necessary Your Faithfully, (Mr.Somphol Wongurai) Director