Inform exercise date of SKR-W1(May 2008)

Sor. Kor. 0224/2551 May 16,2008 Subject : Inform Exercise date of SKR-W1(May 2008) To : Director and Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand Sikarin Public Co.,Ltd. has issued warrants no.1 (SKR-W1) to shareholders as list on December 19,2003 which exercise date shall be the last business day of November, February, May , August and the last exercise date shall be on the last business day of August 2008. For this period the details are as follows: 1. Exercise Period Date : May 23-29 , 2008. Time : 9.00 a.m.- 4.00 p.m. 2. Exercise Date on May 30,2008. 3. The exercise ratio and the exercise price The exercise ratio : 1 warrant unit per 1 common share. The exercise price : 13.50 Baht per 1 common share. 4. Evidence 4.1 Completed an application form. 4.2 The warrant certificate or represented warrant (For Scripless Holding). 4.3 Payment by cheque, bank draft or bill of exchange as it payable in Bangkok within 2 days since the exercise date, crossed cheque to Sikarin Public Company Limited. 4.4 Documents to be submitted. 1. Individual person of Thai nationality : certified copy of ID card. 2. Individual person of Alien nationality : certified copy of passport. 3. Domestic juristic person : certified copy of registration certificate and other documents in item 1 or 2 (if any). 4. Abroad juristic person : certified copy of registration certificate by The Notary Public and other documents in item 1 or 2 (if any). 5. Contact Address and contact person : Sikarin Public Company Limited. Miss Penruedee Jitlekha or, Miss Suwanna Auttawirojkul, 4/29 Moo 10,Srinakrin road,Bangna district, Bangna Sub-district, Bangkok 10260 Tel. 0-2366-9900 ext 2787 Fax. 0-2366-9942 However, other descriptions or conditions is available in part 3 of SKR-W1 filing. Please be informed accordingly. Sincerely yours, (Mr.Sompol Wongurai) Director