Operating results for Q3/2007

November 14 , 2007 Subject Operating results for Q3/2007 To Director and Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand The Company hereby would like to inform about the three month period performance ended September 30, 2007. Detail shown as follows : 1. Total revenue for Q3/2007 is 288.33 million baht increased by 13.95 million baht or 5.08% from Q3/2006. The net medical service revenues mainly come from company medical contract due to increase in 13.86 million baht or 5.23% from Q3/2006 2. Total expenses for Q3/2007 is 239.58 million baht increased by 3.84 million baht or 1.63% from Q3/2006. The medical expenses such as medical professional fee ,personnel expenses ,supply&pharmaceutical expenses increased as proportion of the increased income. For Q3/2007 company earned EBIT 48.75 million baht increased by 10.11 million baht or 26.15% from Q3/2006 3. Operating results for Q3/2007 ,company made a net profit of 30.32 million bath increased by 6.47 million baht or 27.11% compared to the same period 2006.The nine- month period 2007 , the company made a net profit of 54.73 million baht. Therefore ,due to the above factors the company's in nine-month period ended September 30, 2007 operating results increased by more than 20% compared to 2006 Respectfully Yours, ( Sompol Wongurai ) Director