Operating result for Year 2006

Sor Kor 139/07 March 1 , 2007 Subject : Operating result for Year 2006 To : Director and Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand The Company hereby would like to inform operating results for ended December 31, 2006 which net profit of 68.08 million baht decreased by 51.88 million baht or 43.25% from 2005. Details of the increase as shown as following : 1. Revenue and Expenses For the year ended 2006, the company has total revenues of 1,010.43 million baht increased by 30.36 million baht or 3.10% from year 2005. - Medical Service Revenues was 978.32 million baht increased by 102.31 million baht or 11.68 from 2005. This mainly result of new constructuring building in Sikarin hospital since Jan,2006. - Ended 2006, Total Expenses was 899.68 million baht increased by 74.59 million baht or 9.04% from year 2005 due to increasing in depreciation of new building investment 21.00 million baht or 40.53% from year 2005. Cost of service and other operating expenses were inline with the increase in revenues. 2. Net profits and Extraordinary Item The company reported net profit for the year ended 2006 of 68.08 million baht decreased by 51.88 million baht or 43.25% from year ended 2005. Ended of Year 2005,the company has realized gain on sale of investment on sold all of investment ,the Reversal of bad debt and provision for doubtful account from the associated company amount 60.96 million baht Ended of Year 2006, the Company redeemed early all of debentures with accrued interest amount 275.00 million baht , the residual loan and accrued interest amount 28.86 million baht and its has gain on debt restructuring amount 5.64 Million Baht for the period. 3. Balance Sheet According to construction of new building result in total assets increased to 1,137.97 million baht as ended December, 2006 compared to 1,095.40 million baht as ended December,2005. December 2006, Total liabilities was 512.93 million baht. Shareholder's equity increased to 625.04 million baht as ended December, 2005. Debt to equity remained constant at 0.82 times as at 31 December 2006. Please be informed accordingly. Yours faithfully, ( Sompol Wongurai ) Director