First quarter 2004 financial performances(Amendent headline)

May 18, 2004 First Quarter 2004 Financial Performances Managing Director The Stock Exchange of Thailand Sikarin Public Co., Ltd. would like to inform about the First Quarter 2004 Financial Performaces compare with the First Quarter 2003. Details are as below: 1) The revenue from medical service was 197.24 million baht increase amount 22.22 million baht or 12.70 % from the First Quarter 2003. The profit was occurred because of our standard medical services and patient center. 2) The profit from ordinary activities was 8.29 million baht that increased from the First Quarter 2003 amount 3.15 million baht or increase 61.28 % because we were good at administrative and cost. This Quarter,the company has ratio of cost of medical service per revenue medical service amount 67.31 % compare with the First Quarter 2003 amount 69.44 % 3) The net profit was 8.29 baht that decreased from the First Quarter 2003 amount 14.06 million baht because the First Quarter 2003 the company has gain on compromise of debt amount 17.21 million baht. Your faithfully (Mr. Sompon Wongurai) Board