Sikarin Hospital Ranked in the ESG Emerging Group Sustainable Stocks in 2021

Sikarin Public Company Limited (“SKR”) has been selected as a listed company with outstanding Environmental, Social and Governance performance (ESG) in the ESG Emerging List for 2021.

Mr. Seni Chittakasem, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sikarin Public Company Limited (SKR), revealed that the Thaipat Institute announced that Sikarin Hospital ranked among listed companies with outstanding ESG Emerging Group and included in the "ESG Emerging List" in 2021 by selecting 824 companies/funds/investment trusts. The assessment was conducted using ESG-related data from 6 sources with more than 15,260 data points.

"By focusing on delivering benefits to customers and stakeholders from the good service of the organization, Sikarin Public Company Limited are pleased to be selected as one of the ESG Emerging Investors in 2021, we will continue to operate in the interests of our customers and stakeholders."

Dr. Atirat Charoonsri, Managing Director of Sikarin Public Company Limited (SKR) added, "The selection of Sikarin Hospital into the ESG Emerging Securities Group 2021 evaluated by Thaipat Institute this time reflects the Company's purpose, business operations with consideration for stakeholders, and emphasis on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues to create sustainability for the organization and society as a whole."

However, the ranking considers data from Environmental, Social, and Governance performance (ESG) and the Company's performance in parallel in the evaluation process.

Thaipat Institute, which is the initiator in developing information on business sustainability, has disclosed a list of listed securities with outstanding environmental performance, ESG 100 securities for the first time in 2015 and ESG Emerging securities for the first time in 2020.

Meanwhile, the ranking of listed companies in terms of sustainability development of this business is considered a source of sustainability information for listed companies to support the needs of investors who give priority to investing in socially and environmentally responsible companies and is an alternative for investors who want to invest in listed securities with quality and returns that are not inferior to conventional investments.

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